The 10 Best Sewing Blogs According to Yahoo

I just ran across this article. I have heard of some of them, and some not at all. I haven’t had the chance to look at the ones that I am not familiar with, but I wanted to pass them along to you before I forget.

Check out the 10 they deem the best and let me know what you think. How many of these blogs will become part of your bookmark collection?

Sewing is exciting. Some people sew the most basic stitches and simple projects, but they provide great joy and a sense of accomplishment. Some people sew out of necessity because it is either cost effective or because it provides the freedom to create something you have been unable to find in the store. Suppose you want a linen tablecloth to match your kitchen curtains and the stores just don’t have anything that fits the bill? Then sewing one can be extremely simple and you will get exactly what you want. Sewing is sometimes just an expression of love, like making an outfit or blanket for a new born baby. You might sew a costume for your child’s school play, or resize an old suit and bring it fresh life. You might love to sew so much that you have to sell all the extra things you sew, so you can fund your hobby. Whether you are a beginning sewer or an experienced seamstress or just like to dabble in sewing crafts and ideas, these sewing blogs are some of the best on the net. They each offer something unique and worthwhile.
The Sewing Divas
This blog is a collective of 6 ladies who sew and tackle numerous sewing projects from classic dresses to sewing clothing labels to construction a Coco Chanel like jacket. Experiments with applique and reversable suede and men’s shirts, The Sewing Divas take challenges and are detail oriented and articulate. Professionally presented sewing site worth bookmarking.
Behind The Seams

Gigi, a 40 something blogger loves sewing, reading about sewing, writing about sewing and talking about sewing and buying fabric. She just can’t get enough and sewing intoxicates her. She gives you a glimpse into a sewing machine shop and her sewing room and talks about embroidery machines and sergers anything on television related to sewing. The blog is upbeat and thoughtful and like most sewing blogs, you get to see current and past sewing projects.
Just Sew It
Here you can learn about thread storage for dry climates, sewing for weddings, sewing seasonal projects, learn about fabrics and sewing basics and tips and discover patterns and sewing ideas. Lots of big clear pictures and details intersperses with some rants about sewing dealerships, if you sew, you will enjoy this site.
Julia’s Sewing Blog
Julia Ringma lives in Canada and has been blogging about sewing since 2005. She conquers advanced sewing like Corduroy Skirts and Jackets, where you will learn about how to pin sleeves and how to measure and cut fabric. She makes lots of patterned tote bags and jumpers and jeans as well. The pictures show closeups of step by step sewing and details her techniques. She uses, for the most part commercial patterns.
Eleanors Closet
From quilting to dress making to medieval costume sewing, this blogger details her sewing projects including mistakes she has made and how she corrected them. From linen to buttons to marking a bodice to attach a skirt for hemming, you will view the sewing projects step by step.
A Dress A Day
This blogger loves dresses. New dresses, vintage dresses and views dresses as something that speaks and tells a story. A Dress A Day uncovers the secret lives of dresses and vintage patterns and all talk dress and dressy. If you love to sew dresses, then this is the site for you. There are several links on dress sewing books.
Six And A Half Stitches

The author of the Six And A Half Stitches works with a lot of piece work and patchwork in creating small projects such as darling little baby bibs with artistic flair, and larger more involved projects. The blogger takes you through the steps from sorting fabric and deciding on the sewing project to directions on how to rescale an existing pattern to the size you need. She has a bohemian eye and her sewing creations have an artistic flair.
Arts & Quilts
Arts & Quilts blog is written by a person named Rete who lives in Austin Texas. Her goal is to sell her arts and crafts so she can continue to pursue them full time. Rete quilts and crochets. She has designed her own purses and enters quilt shows. Her blog analyzes the procrastination of projects and how to go about goal setting. One day you may read about the latest craft sale at Hobby Lobby and the next day she is trying out a craft she is unfamiliar with because someone else inspired her. She offers holiday gift ideas for crafters and often links to other step by step projects she has come across on the web. She consistently posts to her blog and when she misses a day or 2 she will post pictures of what else was going on in her life with another house project. Like most craft blogs, there is a sense of peeking into one’s life and becoming part of their thought process. Rete recommend quilt books and links to other knitting and sewing artists who blog.
The Wandering Quilter
If you sew with a Bernina Sewing machine, then this is the haven for you. The Wandering Quilter has Mastery Workbook downloads, private messages among registered users, and a place for your personal photo gallery of quilting projects. The Wandering Quilter talks all things Bernina and all models and features of Bernina. From gadgets and tools and accessories to instructions and the latest Bernina software, The Wandering Quilter is a must book mark site for Bernina owners.
Hearts And Needles

Sew a hand puppet or a fabric floral necklace or create your own ribbon with stitches on fabric. make fabric head bands or quilts or ruffles or curtains. If you like to sew, visit Hearts and Needles to see what Sarah is stitching up under the sun.
Those were the Top Ten Sewing Blogs but visit this too:
The Stitcher’s Guild
Although this is not a blog, it is a forum recommended by many sewing bloggers because of the wealth of information on sewing from fabrics to tools and notions to sewing for profit and creating a fashionable wardrobe and much more.