Sewing TV for Kids – Martha & Friends

Just came across this new production from AOL kids. It’s cartoon webisodes of a new show called Martha & Friends that consists of a 10 year old Martha Stewart and her friends hanging out, cooking & crafting in their clubhouse.

I,  of course love the idea of any show promoting kids crafting and sewing. I just watched the episode where they all made some changes and embellishments to their favorite jeans. It was pretty basic stuff that most adults would know how to do to add some pizazz to your boring jeans, but I love the idea that it’s cartoon, 10 year old Martha showing you how to do it. And I especially got a kick out of her discouraging her friend from drawing in pen ink on her jeans. She immediately got out the stain fighting kit to help her friend try to get the ink out. How responsible of 10 year old Martha. But come on, even her cartoon hair cut is “responsible”.