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Hoboken Sewing Studio

Our Main Sewing Studio is located in the Monroe Center in Hoboken NJ.
720 Monroe Street Suite E306 - Third Floor - Hoboken NJ 07030
Phone: 201 . 876 . 1198

Pandemic Studio Protocol

Directions to our Hoboken Studio

Google Maps Link - Just enter your starting Address

Getting into the building:
There are two entrances.

Entrance 1 (closest to studio) is on Monroe St. about halfway between 7th & 8th Street. Door is to the right of "Shaka Bowl" & to the left of "School of Rock. Walk to elevator, come to 3rd floor, make left and you can't miss the antique sewing machine in the hall. Suite E306.

Entrance 2 is on 8th street, just past the corner store. Elevator is a quick right after you come in door, come to 3rd floor, make left, make another left and walk to the end of the long hallway. You can't miss the antique sewing machine in the hall outside our door. Suite E306

Getting up to our studio taking stairs: If you'd like to avoid the elevators, enter the building using the door to the right of the Shaka Bowl Entrance on Monroe Street, about halfway between 7th & 8th streets. Walk in and you'll see a stair case. These will go up to second floor. Once on second floor head to the right and make your way to the south east corner of the building (closes to 7th street). You'll see another set of stairs. Take these up to the third floor, make a left out of the stair well and you'll see our studio at the end of the hall. 


Sadly, there is no longer free parking any more. You must find street parking on the streets provided for visitor parking. Most of the streets require you to use the Park Mobile App. to pay for your parking. 

There is a paid parking garage behind our building. Follow Jackson St. until you get to 7th, make a left and you'll see the parking garage entrance.

We encourage our students to take public transportation, uber/lyft or walk to the studio. 

When parking on street make sure sign on the street is white with green writing and says "Resident parking only. All others 4 Hour Limit."

ALSO make sure there isn't street cleaning happening during the time you'll be parking there.
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If you are walking or coming from the light rail, come in the entrance on 8th street between Monroe & Jackson (but closer to Monroe).
-Make an immediate left a for elevator
-Come up to the third floor.
-Make a left off the elevator, make another quick left and keep walking to other side of the building. You'll see our vintage sewing machines in the hall. Suite E306