New Ipod Case

So after posting yesterdays blog I am still thinking of fun projects to do with a pound or less of fabric.  I have been wanting to create a new ipod case so I came upon this tutorial from the Crafting A Green World website.

This site has tons of project ideas for creating something from less than a yard of fabric, as well as “green” sewing ideas.   You can make this ipod case unique by adding embellishments such as buttons or fabric cut outs.  You can even make a button closure using ribbon or a skinny piece of fabric.  If you want the case to be a bit thicker try using felt or a scrap of fleece for the back piece.  Its super easy to make!

Here are the instructions:

What you need to do is lay your iPod, mp3 player, or camera down on a piece of scrap.  Using a sewing pencil or a marker, draw an outline at least 1/2 inch away from what you’re making the cover for.  You’ll need two pieces of fabric, so be sure to have two sides.  Place your scraps with what you want to be the outside facing each other and the backs facing out.  From here you can either machine sew, or blanket stitch, them together.  Leave the top open.  If you want to hem the top, a simple way to do it is fold it over, iron it, and then machine sew it around.  For something so small, though, it may be easier to hand stitch.

*Photo taken from Claire’s Crafty Blog
*Project instructions by Lenore MacLeod-Bickley from Crafting A Green World