Weekend Sewing – By Heather Ross

I had the opportunity to take a look at Heather Ross’ new book, Weekend Sewing at our last sewing Meet Up. One of the attendees had just gotten it as a gift and brought it to the meeting for everyone to check out.

I was immediately in love with all the realy unique projects the book was filled with. I saw a lot of things that I have not seen before in sewing books and that is what gets me really excited. One that sticks out it in my mind is this newborn kimono shirt that is going to be my next staple gift for baby showers. It’s absolutely adorable and I have never seen a pattern for it so small!

The other thing that I think I fell in love with about Heather’s book is all the vintage sewing machines that were photographed with the projects. I seem to have become a collector of broken vintage sewing machines, as my shop is full of them now.
Whether it’s machines that we have been using for class that break down, or adorable pastel colored sewing machines that I come across at flea markets and just can’t resist having, even though they don’t work. In my opinion they make great decorations at the shop.

Well, Heather of Weekend Sewing has a passion for vintage sewing machines as well. See what she had to say to Cathy of California about old machiens on her blog here.