Skirt Pattern Drafting – Design Multiple Skirt Styles

Join us for our brand new one day intensive course on learning the art of flat pattern drafting. In this course you will learn how to create 3 different customized skirt patterns based on your measurements.

This course will include a thorough understanding of skirt flat pattern construction, dart construction, as well as simple adjustments that can be made to your patterns to add design elements to your sewing projects.

You’ll leave the class with basic fitted, a-line, & pencil skirt pattern that you can use over and over again to design & create your very own clothing.  We will provide hand outs that outline the step-by-step process creating patterns for a perfectly fitting skirt.

Supplies Needed:  None

1 Day – 4 Hour Course $139

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Please note: There is no sewing in this course. The is an instructional class where we’ll be creating customized paper patterns during each class time. Each student will be encouraged to participate in our monthly Sew Clubs to create muslins of each of the patterns that you create in class and really customize your fit properly.