Reversible, Super Comfy Skirts are Here

We are branching out and expanding our options with clothing now! But not just any clothing!

There has to be something completely unique about any clothing we are going to offer and with these skirts, that certainly is the case!

Not only are the reversible skirts, yep, you guessed it, REVERSIBLE, they are just about the most comfy skirt you will where this summer!

The top part/waist band of the skirt is made of organic stretchy jersey knit so it’s super soft and oh so comfortable on your belly & hips. The double layer of fabric, also helps to smooth out any bumps you may have in that area (holla!)

The skirt part is made of either cotton or rayon fabric that keeps it light, cool & casual, but substantial enough, that with the right job (of course) you could wear these cuties to work. And Bike riding is a cinch in these skirts (yes, of course I have already tried!) Heck, if you could do yoga in a skirt, these would be the skirt to do it in!

As with everything we offer, you can choose from an assortment of readymade skirts that are here in the store and ready to ship. Or if you would rather choose your own adventure, you can choose from an assortment of solid colored organic cotton jersey swatches for the top, and then of course choose from our vast fabric assortment in the fabric palette for your lower, skirt portions. Your skirt is then made for you and shipped within two weeks of your order date.

Seriously, all you need is one skirt and you have two completely different looks that you can wear twice as long without people wondering if you ever do laundry ; ) LOVE THAT!

Oooh, and did I mention how afforable they are? Just $32 for the readymade skirts and $38 to design your own. Come on, it doesn’t get much better than that!