Now you can find the EXACT fabric you are looking for!

All you have to do is design it and they will print it for you. Ahhhhh!

So, last week in one of the beginner Fashion Lab Boot Camp Classes, when one of my newly converted stitchers said, okay, so I want to get this fabric that has seahorses carrying flags with my initials on it. Where do I get that????

My first reaction was to kind of laugh to myself and think, wow that is kind of a TALL fabric order… She has a lot of things she wants going on on this fabric…. Not really sure about this one…

Now – I pride myself at having the ability to find my students and customers just about any fabric they can dream up. Between NYC’s garment district and my resources online, I can find just about any fabric, but this one was going to be a doozy. But THEN i remembered about the Spoonflower Sight.

I haven’t tried to design and print my own fabric yet (regretably) but check it out right now.

You design the fabric, send them the artwork for the design and then they send you a yard of it printed on quilt quality cotton for $18. Cheap if you ask me cause they have no minimums! And you can enter your fabric design in the fabric of the week contest! Good Stuff!