Name Labels on School Uniforms

According to research conducted by Statistics Brain, 23% of all public and private schools in the United States have a uniform policy. The school uniform sales in the country reached $1.1 billion in 2000. Despite the negative criticisms of having a school uniform, more schools continue to implement this policy because of its many benefits such as sense of security, positive student behavior, and better learning environment.

Having a uniform also eliminated competition and distractions because the students usually compare their clothes with their classmates. Retail giant M&S supports the uniform policy by scrapping their ready-made school uniforms early last year. Instead, they offered made-to-order uniforms to more than 300 schools in the United Kingdom. In an article published in Mirror News, M&S plans to cash in on the 1 billion UK Pound market with cut-price badges, printing, and embroidery tailored for individual schools.

In the United States, most parents agree with the uniform policy and some even find ways to secure their child more by putting name labels. Having a name tag will make it easier for a child to be identified. It will also be easier for parents to sort out clothes especially those who have more than one child that goes to school.

There are different ways to add a name label on the uniform, but the cheapest way is by sewing up the initials. You can use a chain stitch or cross stitch to form the letters. To make the name label look even, draw a pattern first on the shirt before stitching.

If you don’t have time to sew, you can just purchase a customized name patch at Color Patch or Stitch A Logo. You can easily do a running stitch on the edges of the patch to attach that on the shirt. There are also name tags that do not require any sewing like the Attach A Tag. All you have to do is etch your name on the tag then attach that on the clothes.