I learned to make jewelry… The real Way!

So we are branching out, here at M Avery Designs and have decided to offer some classes beyond sewing. Our next upcoming new & different class happens to be the “Make your Own Wrap Earrings” class and that is taking place this coming Wednesday, January 21st starting at 7 at the store!

Now, I know NOTHING about making jewelry, so I asked a friend of mine, who makes really gorgeous jewelry, to teach the class. She happily obliged but was a little nervous about teaching the class and asked if we could do a practice run through before the class.

Here is Nancy Green at her work table.
I thought practice class would be a FABULOUS idea because I was going to get to be the guinea pig-student. This would then mean I would get to learn how to make gorgeous jewelry for myself! Yahoo! Let’s do this!

So we met on Thursday morning at here studio, here in Hoboken. She showed me all her fabulous findings and showed me all her tools and we got started.

Now, Yes, I have made jewelry before. Sure – I guess you could call me a beginner bead stringer. But I have not done anything beyond this.

The whole concept of wrapping wire with beads in some sort of pretty way to make cool earrings sounded a bit daunting for me. But after I saw Nancy wrap some of the wire & beads, I breathed a sigh of relief and figured this was something I could handle.

All in all, Nancy and I spent about an hour and half together Thursday. She took me through the basics of working with the wire and then we tackled our first project… Once i got the hang of it, I was able to get three earrings done and finished the fourth at home.

Here is the pair we finished:
It’s pretty obvious, you can make some cool stuff that looks pretty darn professional.

If you’ve dabbled in jewelry making and want to take it to the next level, the earring class is for you.

Sign up online and use the promo code “nancyg” when you check out and get $10 off!

Hope to see you Wednesday!