Sew Face Masks

Updated 4/27/2020:
Hudson County CASA Needs 350 Masks - Child & Adult Sizes

Drop off Points:
- 1004 Garden Street, Hoboken 
- CASA Office 442 Hoboken Ave. JC, 07306 ​

Or Mail to:
- CASA Office 442 Hoboken Ave. JC, 07306  

If you need fabric or elastic, contact us.

  • I have some (running out) heavy weight cotton fabric you can pick up for free from my studio until it runs out. Please note: this fabric NEEDS to be washed before it can be used. 
  • We also sell quilters cotton fabric at the studio. $12/yard. If interested, email and I'll send a photo of the prints we have left.  
  • I have a friend who has elastic and who has been giving it away until it runs out. Reach out and I'll put you in touch.

Instructions to Make Masks:

Step 1: 

Cut your fabrics. 2 pieces measuring        - 9"wide x 6" tall for adults
- 7.5" wide x 5" tall for kids

Also cut two 7" pieces of elastic cord (make knots at the end) or thin (1/8") flat elastic. 

Step 2: 

Sew one end of one elastic to one corner of one of your fabrics (doesn't matter which one). Backstitch across it a couple of times.  Stretch it across the shorter side and sew the other end to the other corner. Backstitch across it a couple or times.

Do the same with the other piece of elastic on the other side of the fabric.

Step 3: 

Place your remaining fabric piece on top so right sides are touching. Pin the two pieces together.

Sew around the entire thing using 1/2" seam allowance, but leave a 4" opening on the bottom to turn it right side out.

Step 4: 

Turn the whole thing right side out and tuck in the raw edges. 

Step 5: 

Secure the opening with pins .

Make 3 small pleats in each side and secure with pins.

Using 1/4" seam allowance sew around the entire edge twice. 

Step 6: 

Couple things to keep in mind when sewing your masks: 

  • Use tightly-woven cotton fabric for both layers of fabric.
  • If you don't have actual fabric to make, clean cotton button down shirts work.
  • Please remember that both women and men, as well as boys and girls may wear these masks. 
  • Pre-wash your fabric, if you can. 
  • Sew them sturdy, people! Don't forget to backstitch! 
  • For patterns and instructions on making masks, see above. 

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