Cassette Clutch How-To – SEW EASY!

Saw this How To on Cut Out & Keep (dot) com – and had to re-post on my Blog:

1.Find an old wallet or clutch that you don’t mind getting a little bit messy, (or stitch a small fabric cluch – try the Heather Clutch, from my book!) as well as enough cassette tapes to cover the desired area on your accessory. I recomend finding ones with bright colors on the front.

2.Cover one side of your wallet or clutch with Shoe Goo (which can be found at craft stores or some shoe stores) or with Gorilla Glue (which can be purchased at craft stores or hardware stores). Quickly arrange your cassettes on the sticky stuff and press firmly for about two minutes.

3. Let sit for an hour or two…

4. Enjoy a night on the town at some cool concert or club and be sure to let your new statement accessory be seen by many.