All Aboard the GREEN Line

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Hot off the sewing machines is our latest installment of the “Green Line”!

M Avery Designs is doing our part to leave the least amount of carbon imprint on this green earth. We have created a line of gorgeous shoulder bags re-using remnants, upon remnants, of beautiful upholstery fabric from high end furniture stores in Manhattan. Once last seasons of couches and armoires are no longer being sold, they don’t need the fabric sample books anymore. We have figured out a good way to put those (rather substantial sized) fabric pieces to good re-use.

Each bag is completely one of kind and uses 6 remnant pieces of upholstery fabric (3 in the front and 3 in the back), and the handles are made from leather fabric remnants so they will hold up to LOTS of wear and tear. Each is lined with vintage fabric and has a large open pocket inside and each closes with a large, strong magnetic snap.

Yes, we don’t normally use leather in our bags, but we figured it was either use it (on the handle where it matters most) or don’t & it will sit in some landfill somewhere. So we used it. And my thoughts are that and even vegans out there can use our bags (leather and all) and feel good that each and every piece of this leftover leather, is being put to good use in our studio.

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