Adorable Credit Card Guard Project from

I saw this project  by Erin Lewis on the website last week and immediately thought, Wow – What a useful little thing to make. It’s adorable and would come in so handy if you consider yourself a super spender. This would come in super handy everytime I am on ebay browsing vintage sewing machines…

Anyway – here is how you make it:

    1. Decorate fabric or Tyvek with whatever message will keep you from spending. (Embroidery optional.)
    2. Press fabric with an iron.
    3. Place the credit card on top of your design, leave ⅛-inch seam allowance, and mark an outline with chalk.
    4. Trim fabric (should be approximately 56 inches), with your design in the top half.
    5. Fold the fabric in half around your credit card. With fabric held taut, pin all three sides.
    6. Carefully sew around the card through both layers of fabric, using your traced outline as a guide. Reinforce stitching at each end, adding a second line of hand stitching if the first isn’t snug enough.
    7. Pull threads to the inside of seams. Trim with pinking shears to prevent fraying.
    8. Insert the guarded card into your wallet. Remove all scissors and Swiss army knives from your handbag to prevent spontaneous spending.