Beginner Sewing Boot Camp

We’ll teach you the basics of sewing in 6 (super fun) weeks!

When you’re enrolled in the Beginner Sewing Boot Camp, you will learn basic sewing skills & basic fashion design techniques used in creating unique, custom made accessories & clothing.

This is a sewing course is designed for the beginning stitcher. The course is 15 hours in total divided up between 6 weekly classes.

Each of the six classes is project oriented and as a student you will take home 4-5 completed sewing projects. (This is of course dependent on how quickly you work and if you miss classes.)

Please note: The number of projects you complete in the class will depend on a few things:

1.) If you come to class each week. This one is BIG! If you miss class(es) you probably wont finish all your projects!

2.) How much work you do at Sew Club and at home in between classes (if you miss class)

3. ) The pace that you work.

Part 1 Concepts & Skills: Introduction to the sewing machine & basic sewing. Learning to thread & operate the sewing machine properly. Basic accessory construction. Right side vs. wrong side of fabric. Working with interfacing. Properly sewing a button. Topstitching techniques.  Project: Heather Clutch Bag

Part 2 Concepts & Skills: Review of machine & sewing. Mastery of threading & filling the bobbin on the sewing machine. Mastery of basic accessory design & construction. Constructing & turning straps right side out. Advanced bag construction skill. Introduction to bag gussetts, Working with lining to elimintating raw edges. Project: Mia Messenger Bag

Part 3 Concepts & Skills: Introduction to sewing patterns. Construction of pockets. Making ties. Making something reversible. Project: Rebecca Reversible Chef Apron

Part 4 Concepts & Skills: Following sewing tutorial instructions for project construction. Introduction to garment fit. Hemming basics. Making a buttonhole. Project: Zippered Skirt

Cost of 15 Hour Workshop: $299

Saturday Class: No class on Sat. 10/6/18 – Columbus Day Weekend.
Wednesday Class: No Class on Wed. 10/31/18 & 11/21/18

Please note: There are no makeup classes if you miss a class. However – when you enroll in this boot camp class you get free Sew Club classes (normally $20/class) during AND one month past the end of your session.  Sew Club is a great opportunity to “makeup” anything you might have missed in a class, catch up on anything you fall behind on, or just sew whatever you’d like.  Again – there are no makeup classes if you miss a session. 

There is also the option of taking a private lessons to make up a missed class. The rate for a private lesson while you are enrolled in a 6-week class is $40/hour (normally $65/hour).    Buy Now | Send email to schedule

All students will receive PDF copies of the patterns instructions for each of the projects we work on in class.

Please note: Fabric needed for this class is NOT included in the price of this class. Woven Fabrics are available for purchase at the M Avery Designs Studio for $12 per yard. Interfacing is $6 per yard. We have a variety of types, colors & prints, but keep in mind we are not a fabric store. Students also have the option of purchasing fabrics elsewhere before the class. Details and amounts you will need are below.

Project 1: Envelope Clutch Bag Supplies Needed
-1/2 yard cotton, denim or upholstery fabric for outside
-1/2 yard cotton fabric for lining (not satin please)
-1/2 yard heavy interfacing

Project 2: Messenger Bag Supplies Needed
-1 yard cotton, denim or upholstery fabric for outside
-1 yard cotton fabric for lining (not satin please)
-1/2 yard heavy interfacing

Project 3: Apron Supplies Needed
-1 yard of two different cotton or canvas fabrics

Project 4: Zippered A-Line Skirt
-Skirt: 2 yards (45″ wide) cotton, canvas or linen fabric
– 8″ zipper (or longer)

Quick note about buying fabric – If you have no experience purchasing fabric, don’t worry about buying any before the first class. We have plenty of selection for the first project that we sell for $12/yard. The instructor will go over what type of fabric for the following projects.

“I wanted a creative outlet and I’m so glad my friend told me about this place! I signed up for the beginners boot camp and I can’t wait till next week to learn more! Our teacher is great, explains everything step by step and takes her time to help you individually if you need it! 5 stars!!” -Thanee 

“I’m so glad I signed up for Beginner Sewing Boot Camp! I sort of taught myself as a youngster, w/grandma to help, but didn’t sew for years. Happy to be diving in and finally doing it again. We made so many useful items in the Beginner Sewing Boot Camp and I’m looking forward to more classes this summer! And there’s a parking lot! In Hoboken!” -Eileen 

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