Sewing Knitwear Boot Camp

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About Sewing Knitwear Boot Camp

Everybody loves to wear knits because of the comfort they bring. Did you know that sewing knits really isn't as hard as everyone seems to think.

Our Sewing Knitwear Boot Camp is our 6 Week (15 hours of class) master class for all things sewing knits. Students will focus on learning basic sewing skills using stretch knits.

This is a sewing course is designed for the sewing student who's had some basic experience. 

Each class is project oriented and will work on three wearable projects throughout the six week class.
Projects in this class include:

  • t-shirt
  • joggers
  • dress.

Please note: The number of projects you complete in the class will depend on how much experience you come to class with, how much work you do at home & the pace that you work.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this class: 

  • How to sew with knit fabrics.
  • Which needle? Which Stitch? Seam Allowances for knits?
  • Review of threading & operating the sewing machine.
  • Basic clothing construction.
  • How to read a sewing pattern
  • Identifying different types of knits,
  • Which fabrics work best for which projects & which knit is which?