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About Sewing Dresses Boot Camp

Learn all the basics of sewing beautiful dresses that fit you in six weeks!

Students will focus on learning basic sewing skills to create 2-3 gorgeous dresses that actually fit your body. We've designed a 15 hour sewing class that will take your skills to the next level.  This is a sewing course is designed for the sewing student who's had some basic experience. This class can be taken in our Sewing Studio in Hoboken (6 spots available) or you can take it from home and attend live instruction classes via video. 

As with all our sewing classes, all students work at their own pace and focus on learning new skills based on the skills they come to class with. The number of projects you complete in the class will depend on how much experience you come to class with & how much work you do in between instruction times.

Things you'll learn in the Sewing Dresses Boot Camp:

  • How to take your measurements to determine dress sizes
  • Seam Allowance and why is it important
  • How to thread, operate and master the sewing machine.
  • Basic clothing construction.
  • How to read a sewing pattern.
  • How to determine which patterns are right for you
  • How to make adjustments to the patterns and fit of the garment
  • How do I take things in and let them out, as needed

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