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Rules of Sew Club

  1. You don’t talk about Sew Club. Just Kidding - Sew Club is a time to work on sewing projects independently and get light instruction from the instructor working.
  2. Price of Sew Club is $20 for 2 hours.
  3. Sew Club is FREE for those currently enrolled in a class and up to 1 month past the last class of the session. Use promo code freesewclub
  4. Please use any of the studio tools, sewing machines, thread, etc.
  5. Fabric is for sale for the prices listed.
  6. Please feel free to use any of our sewing books and/or sewing patterns while in the sewing studio.
  7. The instructor is ALWAYS here to help you with projects related to the class you are enrolled in.
  8. Sew Club is not a sewing lesson for projects that are not from one our sewing classes. You can work on these and we can answer a question here and there if you get stuck. But keep in mind we have private sewing lessons that you are welcome to schedule one-on-one with an instructor for projects where you not sure what to do.
  9. Again - If you’re working on something independently and you’re really stuck, an instructor can help you. Please don’t take advantage of this. See rule 9.
  10. Feel Free to Eat, Drink and Make New Friends! Have Fun!
  11. Adults Only. Age 18+

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