Do you have a Voucher, but don’t see your class?

If you’re looking to sign up for a class you purchased on Living Social, we want to give you the heads up that we’ve changed some of our class offerings. Unfortunately Living Social took awhile to make the change on their end and have been selling vouchers (until recently) for classes that we changed back in the fall of last year.

We emailed them several times (starting when we made the change) letting them know about the change and they’ve finally updated our offering on their website.

BUT – in the mean time, if you have a voucher for either/both of these classes: 1 Hour Intro to Sewing and/or the 1 Hour Hem Workshop ($40 Value combined), you have some different options that are actually better than what we had previously offered!

Now you can use this voucher for either the 2 Hour Sewing Machine Basics Class ($40 Value) or the 2 Hour Hem & Button Workshop ($40 Value). They have replaced the other 1 hour classes and we feel are improvements over the original classes.
We suggest if you haven’t sewn before, to try the Sewing Machine Basics.

But if you already have some sewing skills and are looking for a more advanced class, try the Hem & Button Workshop.

One more thing – We’ll always honor any expired vouchers!

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