Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop

We’re super excited to announce we’ll be offering our very first macrame wall hanging workshop!

This popular craft from the seventies has made a come back in a really big way. Our workshop will help you to create a modern piece, using a couple of different knots. You’ll leave the workshop with a gorgeous wall hanging to decorate your home.


Megan Avery, studio owner, long time sewing instructor and recently macrame obsessed, will help you through this process.

The price of the 2 hour workshop is $65 and will include all the supplies you’ll need to complete your wall hanging including cotton rope & driftwood.

Dress Makers Club Sewing Class

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Come get creative and learn to make DRESSES. Who doesn’t want to get better at sewing dresses?!

You’ll be sure to improve your sewing skills as well as make some new sewing friends! Join us, won’t you? We suspect this  sewing class ritual will become habit once you see what an awesome way this is to improve your sewing skills, as well as grow your wardrobe.

There is no specific dress that we’ll be tackling each month. Feel free to work on any dress or clothing pattern you’d like. Or bring projects that you need to finish. You’ll be inspired to get your sewing pile whittled down in no time!

No idea where to start with sewing dresses? NO WORRIES! Our instructor will help you choose a great beginner project from our vast assortment of clothing/dress patterns at the studio.

Please note: We have no idea how fast you’ll work. You probably wont finish a dress in a two hour sewing class, especially if you’re a beginner. Please don’t come with the expectation you’ll finish a dress in this class.

Fabric can be purchased at the studio or BYO Fabric
-3 yards is great for most dress patterns

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$40 | Drop in Class | Buy

$100 | 3 Class Pack (good for 4 months) | Buy

$150 | 6 Class Pack (good for 8 months) | Buy

The class packs can be used interchangeably with the the Pinterest Fanatic Sewing Class, Sip ‘n Stitch ClassGarment District TourIntro to the Machine/Hem Workshop or the Dress Makers Club.

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Lingerie Lab – Learn to Sew Your Undies


Lingerie Lab Series 

I. Panties Workshop – Learn to sew a pair of knit panties out of an old t-shirt or bring/buy some knit fabric to make them out of. We’ll also be teaching how to make a pair of lace knickers out of stretch lace. Lace provided free of charge.

Saturday October 12th, 2013 1-3pm | Sign up 

II. Nightie / Slip Workshop – We’ll teach you how to make a silky nightgown with lace details (if you choose). Lace provided free of charge.

Saturday October 26th, 2013 12-2pm | Sign up 

III. Jammie Set Workshop – In this installment of the Lingerie Lab, we’ll teach you how to make a tank top and shorts pajama set. Can include lace details (if you choose). Lace provided free of charge.

Saturday November 9th, 2013 1-3pm |  Sign up 

IV. Bra Workshop – We’ll teach you the techniques to making a simple bra fit your own customized bust size.

Saturday November 23rd, 2013 1-3pm |  FULL 

Each two-hour session is $35 or take the entire 4-class series for $119.  When you sign up for the 4-class series you also get free Open Lab while the series is going on. Fabrics are not included unless specified. Bring your own, or purchase at the studio. Please at least take the Intro to Sewing class before you take this class. But yes, beginners are welcome.

Click Sign up next to the classes in the series you’d like to take or CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR ALL FOUR CLASSES


Panties: 1/2 Yard of knit fabric or 1 old t-shirt

Nightie: 1.5 Yards of cotton, rayon or silk fabric

Pajamas: 1.5 yards or cotton, rayon or silk fabric

Bra: 1 yard of cotton, rayon or silk fabric

Holiday Apron | Wed. Dec. 12th | 6:30-8:30pm


You’ll earn the title of “Hostess with the Mostess” if you wear this apron for any of your holiday shin digs this season. We’ll teach you how to make this full length apron adorned with two rows of ruffles. Could it get any sweeter?

Bring or Buy your fabric & supplies at the studio

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday Dec. 12th 2012 | 6:30-8:30pm| $35 (2 Make it & Take it Credits) | Sign Up

Please sign up online or call 201.876.1198

Supplies needed:
-An assortment of Holiday themed cotton quilting fabric (or it doesn’t have to be holiday themed) that totals at least 2 Yards


Vintage Dress Lab

In this fashion lab four week sewing class, students will create four different vintage inspired dress styles. The focus will be on pattern reading and more intermediate techniques like darts, inserting zippers, fit, hemming, etc.

Each two hour class will be project oriented and each student will leave classes with their finished projects.

We’re delighted our newest instructor, Kristen Haggerty, will be teaching this class. She is currently getting her Masters Degree in Clothing & Textile Studies at FIT and her specialty is in Historical Costuming.  You will find her not only to be be a fantastic sewing instructor, but also a wealth of knowledge in vintage fashion.

Advanced Beginner Level (This just means you should probably have a little bit of sewing experience before you jump into sewing dresses.)

Week 1

Vogue Basic Pattern 2521
Hight-fitted, princess-seamed, flared dress in choice 3 lengths with wide scoop neck with multiple sleeve variations.

Week 2

McCalls 8979
Fifties style, gathered waist, full skirt dress with long or cape sleeve options.

Week 3

McCalls 6683
Eighties style wrap dress with collar and multiple sleeve options.

Week 4

Simplicity 6908
A-Line 60’s Cowl Neck Shift

Upcoming Dates:
Thursdays 7-9pm
October 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th (2012)

$159 + Fabrics
6 spots per session.

$139 Early Bird Pricing – Valid only if you sign up 1 month before the class starts.

Click here to Register Online or call studio 201.876.1198

Please Note: This price also includes 5 weeks of UNLIMITED FREE Open Lab hours. Unlimited hours begins the first day of class, continues through out the four week class and ends one week after the last class (Open lab normally $5/hour)

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Here’s the fabric you’ll need to get before class or purchase at studio during class:

Vogue Basic Pattern 2521
22″ Dress Zipper
Sleeveless or short sleeve 3 yards of fabric
Long sleeve, puffy sleeve, ruffle version 4 yards of fabric
Long sleeve, floor length version 5 yards
Fabric Suggestions: Cotton, broadcloth, gingham,  linen, heavy weight stretch twill, corduroy

McCalls 8979
22″ Dress Zipper
All Versions 4 Yards of fabric
Fabric Suggestions: Rayon, Silk dupioni, Silk Shantung, cotton twill

McCalls 6683
Short Sleeve Version 3 1/2 Yards of fabric
Long Sleeve Version 4 Yards of fabric
Fabric Suggestion: Lightweight cotton, Cotton Blends, broadclothgingham,  linen

Simplicity 6908
22″ Dress Zipper
Both Versions 3 1/2 Yards of Fabric
Fabric Suggestions: Cotton, broadclothgingham,  linenheavy weight stretch twillcorduroy



Vintage Sewing Sew-Along Challenge: Pin-up Lingerie

I love this!

Had to re-post this awesome sew-along/contest I found over at Oh Lulu. 

Here is the pattern of choice.
Once you get your pattern – choose from either the single Pattern, or the Sew Along Kit (which comes with both patterns, and a vintage lingerie sewing booklet pdf) – there are a few things you will need:
1. Garter Clips – you can find these easily online, or in larger fabric shops
2. Eyelets and Eyelet punch, or 1/2 yard of hook and eye tape
3. Boning (optional)
4. 2 1/2 yards of fabric will do your corset & bra
5. 3 yards of bias binding OR 1 yard of contrast fabric for contrasting bone channels and bias binding
6. 2 yards of ribbon or cord for lacing (eyelet version only)
7. 1/2 yard of ribbon or elastic for attaching garter clips
8. Lace, Bows, Appliqués and embellishments of your choice (optional)

Bell Bottomed Flower Children

A customer of mine came in the other day wanting to do something to extend the life of her toddlers jeans that she had grown out of. I think she came up with the most adorable idea! She’s not a stitcher herself, so she just needed some help wit the execution.

This blog post is all about what we came up with and how you can do it too!

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

Here is the How-To:

1. Cut the toddler jeans just below the knee, straight across. Do one first and then fold the pair of jeans in half to get the other leg even.

2. Cut two pieces of groovy fabric that are twice as wide as the jeans where you cut them off. The pieces should also be long enough to extend past where the too-short jeans stopped. Also add an additional 1 1/2″ for seam allowance & hem.

3. Hem the bottom of the fabric extension pieces with two small 1/2″ inch folds. Hemming cotton fabrics is best done with an iron. Stitch the hem at the top of the fold so both layers of the fold get stitched.

4. Put your sewing machine on the longest stitch length it has, and set your machine tension slightly loose. Sew along the edge of the ring that is not hemmed, leaving nice long threads at each end. Do not back stitch.

5. Gather this side of the fabric extension piece so it’s as wide as the cut off pant leg, plus an inch for seam allowance. Tie each end of the long thread pieces so the gather stays.

6. Fold this piece in half so the bottom hems & gathered ends touch each other and you form a ring with each of the fabric extension pieces.

6. Place the gathered extension fabric pieces, with right sides up onto the cut off jeans and match edges. Make sure the gathers are even all the way around the pant leg and pin the fabric to the end of the jean pant legs.

 7. With a 1/2″ seam allowance, stitch the fabric extension piece to the jean pant leg on each side.

8. Trim all your threads and you’ve got yourself some groovy bell bottoms for that flower child in your life.

Tips for sewing Vintage Sewing Patterns

So we just wrapped up our Fashion Lab Vintage Dresses class this past month. We had such a blast teaching it and people had such a great time making all the vintage dress, we’ll be offering it again right away on Wednesday nights on September. All four of the styles of dress (no matter which era they were from) were completely fashionable in today’s standards and it was so fun to see how sewing patterns have changed since way back in the day.

In the class we learn how to make four different vintage dress styles based on the actual sewing patterns from the 1950’s, 1960’s & 1970’s. There were certain things that rang true each week, no matter what we were making.  I wanted to share with you three major tips for using vintage sewing patterns to make garments.

1. Vintage pattern pieces are VERY fragile. In order to make them a little safer to copy and cut your fabric from them, before each class I would reinforce them. Usually this meant using packaging tape to tape the actual paper patterns onto interfacing and reinforce in the spots that needed it. I suppose if you have a fancy laminating machine that would work too. But I don’t have one of those, so the tape worked for me. And actually by sewing it to a light weight interfacing, it made it sturdy, but also malleable enough to make it easy to cut the smaller sizes by folding the edges under.

2. Sizing can be tough! Vintage dress patterns came in only one size and the sizing is completley different from today’s sizing standards depending on when the pattern came out. I found that it was easiest to make a version of the dress we were doing that week in the size that was stated on the package and then determine (based on today’s sizing standards) what size it is in today’s sizing. Or if you wanted to get a bit more technical about it, determine how big the waist, hip & bust measurements are for the size of the pattern and scale out (or in for the skinny minnies) based on how much bigger you need it to be. Or as we found in the class, when in doubt, make it too big and size it down to fit your measurements by adding darts and pleats.

3. Yardage Recommendations on the package of the pattern are different for older patterns. One the envelop you will find yardage recommendations that may be confusing.  The reason is that back in day, fabric came in narrower widths then they are today. It was commonplace to find fabric widths measuring 36″ & 39″. Now most fabric widths are 45, 55 or 60″ wide

I hope this helps! I know it helped us in the class a ton.

You’ll see that most pattern companies that are still around today have re-issued patterns based on their vintage styles from years ago. This will have taken care of many of the above issues. But isn’t it more fun to not be afraid to tackle the genuine vintage patterns that you find at your neighbors garage sale, or that your grandmother has had in her attic since you were a baby! Happy Sewing!

Vintage Dress Lab – Vote on Which Dresses you want to see as part of the class

We are trying to nail down our summer class schedule and we need YOUR help on deciding which projects to make part of the class.
We’re very excited to hold our first “Vintage Dress Lab” sewing class this July! The problem is there are too many great vintage dress designs we’d love to be a part of the class. 
Can you help us and vote on your favorite dress designs out of the following 10 choices! We’re looking to find out your top 4 choices. 
Please Use the comment section to voice your opinion. Tell us the names of your 4 favorite vintage dress designs.
Okay here goes. 
And the nominees are:

1. “Twiggy” – Sixties Inspired, Multi-Paneled Dress

Could be made with long, short or no sleeves. Cute little collar is an option as well.

2. “Dynasty” – Late 1960’s/ Early 1970’s Maxi

Could be made with funky collar or not.

3. “Flower Child” – Late 1960’s/ Early 1970’s inspired faux wrap with Empire Waist

Long or short, long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve always an option.

4. “Diamonds are a girls best friend” – 50’s/60’s shift with funky diamond detail.

Long or short, long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeves.

5. “Go-go Scort”

Fabulous neck detail, the longer version is straight-up dress, the short version, you can add some shorts into the pattern.

6. “Radio Hour” – 40’s/50’s Dress

Cinched waist with divine neck collar detail.

7. “Ladies who Lunch” – Full skirted with the fabulous neck & chest tie detail

8. “C’est La Vie” – Simple 60’s Shift with Peter Pan Collar.

9. “Mrs. Cleaver” – V-neck, Belted Waist

10. “Waist not, Want Not” – Strapless & Belted hi-waist dress

Option for sleeveless or tie straps

Sweet Tees & Crumpets

Time to have a Girls Night Out “Tee” Party !

Get your ladies together for a night of T-shirt Deconstruction.

In this private party each guest starts with a plain used t-shirt and turns it into any of our fabulous deconstructed styles.

Our instructors will teach your group the basic design & sewing skills needed to play fashion designer for the day!

Get a group of six or more ladies together and everyone will design and stitch their very own custom deconstructed t-shirt and leave with it after the party. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no sewing experience required!
You do the leg work, our staff will do the finishing touches to make sure your finished product is sturdy and professional looking when you take it home after this two-hour private party.

Check out a few of the photos, taken by photographer Adam Gallagher, of our first “Tee” Party. 

Or head to the website to find out all the details.