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The Hipstitch Outpost is our sewing studio away from home.

We're SEW excited to announce our second sewing studio location in the Catskills. Now you can find us part of the time in Harpersfield NY.  It's where we've started hosting our  Sewing Retreats.

In addition to holding sewing classes in this new Catskills sewing studio in Harpersfield, we'll be teaching sewing in and around the area of the Western Catskills. Check schedule below:

If you own your own sewing machine and want to bring it to class, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be a modern sewing machine that was manufactured with the last 10 years.
  • Must be in working order.

Please make a note of the cancelation policy. Due to the nature of this hands-on workshop, there is very limited space in this class!  No shows and last minute cancellations (within 48 hour of the class) cannot reschedule.

Teen Summer Camp 2019 | 7th to 12th Graders

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Kids Summer Camp 2019 | 4th to 6th Graders

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Kids Summer Camp 2019 | 1st to 3rd Graders

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Half Day Session $310

Full Day Session $52​7
Use code fullday at checkout

Multi Week & Sibling Savings - Use these promo codes when you check out.

  • Purchase 4 half day weekly sessions or 2 full day weekly sessions = 15% discount: 2fulldays2019
  • Purchase 6 half day weekly sessions or 3 full day weekly sessions = 20% discount: 3fulldays2019
  • Purchase 4 full day weekly sessions or 8 half day weekly sessions = 25% discount: 4fulldays2019
  • Purchase 5 full day (or more) weekly sessions or 10 half day (or more) weekly sessions 30% discount: 5fulldays2019

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*Please note: Discount codes used incorrectly will result in balance being owed upon sign up.

Workout Pants Lab

We are SEW excited to be teaching a brand new workshop for how to make these pants using a regular ol’ sewing machine.  That’s right, no serger needed!

All supplies are included and this is kind of a big deal! The fabric we'll be using is very high quality  Supplex breathable & wicking fabric. It's often used to make high end workout clothes at places like Athleta and Lululemon.

If making your own athletic wear doesn’t motivate you to workout, not sure what will!  

Trouser Lab

This is a 3-Week sewing class where the focus will be on learning how to make a pair of fitted trouser pants that fit your body really well.  We'll teach you different techniques used to customize your pants they way you'd like them. (Length, pockets, etc.) This projects are filled with beautiful details that can be embellished and customized to your design preferences.  You'll learn how to read a pattern and construct a garment from start to finish, no matter what your prior sewing experience is.

3 Week Class = $179

The Three week Lab series classes are great for beginners, as well as fun and challenging for people with sewing experience.

Each sewing class is is 6 hours long.
Some will meet for 2 hours for 3 consecutive weeks.
Some will meet for 3 hours for 2 consecutive weeks.
Some will meet one day for 6 hours.
Schedule above will indicate.

Added bonus: All participants can come to Sew Club for free for up to 1 month following the conclusion of the class. 

Charity Fundraiser Sewing Workshop – Day of the Dead Stuffies

Join us for a Charity Hand Sewing Workshop

We’re raising funds for La Escualita de Macario Gomez, an after school program for kids just outside of Tulum, Mexico. 

Monday October 29th 6:30-8:30pm | $35  | Sign Up

We’ll be hand sewing adorable Day of the Dead Felt Stuffies (that you keep).
All supplies are included. Make as many as you’d like in the 2 hour hand sewing workshop.

All proceeds from both of the Day of the Dead sewing workshops will go straight to La Escuelita de Macario Gomez (more info below).

Bring a photo of a loved one who has passed, to honor them for our Day of the Dead celebration.








Here’s the backstory –

There’s a little Mayan village called Macario Gomez just outside of Talum, Mexico. A women named Erika, who is originally from Jersey City, opened a BnB in this area and since has also started a much needed after school program there called La Escuelita de Macario Gomez. This school is completely run by volunteers and she started the Escuelita because as she puts it on their facebook page:

“They have no afterschool, no library, no music, no trips anywhere…no big homes with comfy sofas to read on, some do not even own chairs….or tables, or real plates to eat from! The list of what they lack could go on and on…”

“Yet the children are not bitter or depressed, they are happy and eagerly participate in any community activity – park cleanup , animal rescues, etc.. And they love to learn, draw, read, dance .

Facebook Page of La Escuelita de Macario Gomez

Helpful Camp Information

Arrival & Pickup
If you are enrolled for the Morning session, please have your child here on Monday morning at 9am. The staff will be prepping until about 10 till 9, so if you arrive early, you are welcome to wait in the hallway. We’ll open our doors about 8:50am.

If you are enrolled in the Afternoon session, please have your child here at 1pm on Monday. Some of our staff will be having lunch break until about 10 till 1, so if you arrive early, you are welcome to wait in the hallway.

Pick up for the morning sessions is promptly at noon and 4pm for full day & afternoon sessions. Please do your very best to arrive on time to pick up your child. We’ll have a sign-in and a sign-out sheet that you’ll need to initial upon drop off & pick up. If someone other than a parent will be dropping off/picking up your child, we’ll need their contact information. You can write this on the sign in sheet.

Photo Release
We love to post photos of all the cool stuff your child makes at our camp on social media, as well as on our website. Please let an instructor know if you DO NOT want your child included in these photos.



Full Day Students (And T(w)eens ages 12-17)
There are a few of you who will be with us the whole day. You will be having lunch in our studio, accompanied by one of our instructors. We will also have some extra activities planned besides sewing 🙂

Before & After Care
If you are participating in before or aftercare at the Monroe Movement Space, please contact us directly before camp begins. We are more than happy to pick up your child at 9am, 12pm OR drop off your child at 12pm, 1pm or 4pm. You can reply directly to this email to set this up. You’ll also need to arrange care with the Monroe Movement Space directly.

Monroe Movement Space
(201) 222-8033

Food & Drink
For those coming for the half day, please bring a snack to have mid morning or mid afternoon.

For those staying for the full day, you’ll need a couple of snacks as well as a packed lunch.

Please make sure the snack does not contain peanuts.

We have a Poland Spring water cooler in the studio and plenty of cups, so everyone will stay plenty hydrated this summer 🙂 If you send your child with a water bottle, we can reduce the number of cups we use.

Our Studio Location & Getting into the building

Studio Address: 720 Monroe Street Suite E306 Third Floor Hoboken NJ 07030 & There is a FREE PARKING LOT in the back of the studio.

If you are walking or coming from the light rail, come in the entrance on 8th street between Monroe & Jackson (but closer to Monroe). Make an immediate left and there is the elevator. Come up to the third floor. Make a left off the elevator, make another left and keep walking to other side of the building. You’ll see our vintage sewing machines in the hall. Suite E306

If you are parking in the lot beside the building or coming from downtown, find one of the entrances (either to the right of shaka bowl on Monroe Street, or behind the building (just about smack dab in the middle between 7th & 8th street). Tak the elevator and come up to the third floor. Make an immediate left off the elevator. You’ll see our vintage sewing machines in the hall. Suite E306

Special Needs

If your child has any allergies or special needs we should know about, you can reply to this email or make us aware when you check your child in.

Student Cell Phone Usage

Our studio is a no cell phone zone (just like school!) for students taking our classes.  If cell phones are brought to class, we’ll ask that students keep the in the cubby’s (with their other belongings) while taking class. Even at lunch and snack, there will be no cell phone usage. If you need to reach your student, please see above note about reaching the studio.