Resources for Sewing At Home

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At Home Sewing Lessons

Learn how to sew online from one of our talented instructors by using zoom video. 

Sewing Machine Basics Video Course

Same things you learn in our studio SMB, but taken at home on a series of videos.

Sewing Project Patterns & Instructions
Straight from our sewing classes

Paper Plate Weaving

Have you wanted to learn how to weave, but thought it might be too hard?

I'm here to tell you, anyone, SERIOUSLY ANYONE, can do paper plate weaving. 

And all you need is some paper plates and your yarn stash 🧶(that you haven't touched since you gave up on learning how to crochet).

Megan just made a little video breaking down the steps to making an adorable round 8" weaving project. 

Megan’s Favorite Tools for Hand Sewing & Embroidery at Home 🧵 ✂️

Fairfield Fiber Poly Fil Bag, 12 oz

DMC Embroidery Floss Pack 8.7yd, Home Decor 36/Pkg

Doodle Stitching Transfer Pack

* Bigger grocery stores & pharmacy's usually carry variety packs of hand sewing needles.

* Don't be afraid to use old clothing, sheets, towels, blankets, etc. for fabric! 

* Old pillows are perfect for recycling the stuffing inside for our sewing projects. 

Megan’s Favorite Tools for Machine Sewing at Home

Since we wont be together to sew in the studio for awhile, I wanted to put together my must-haves for at home sewing. These products are all great for beginners. I chose them because they're decent quality tools for people just learning how to sew and not crazy expensive. I also chose them because they're available for quick shipping on Amazon Prime so you can get started ASAP. 

Please note: These machines come with everything you need to get started sewing besides scissors, thread and fabric. 

Live Video Sewing Lessons

Appropriate for:
- PK, K & 1st Graders (with some adult help)
- 2nd - 6th Graders
- Teenagers
- Adults (seriously!)

These sewing lessons will use these six basic supplies: 

You want to make sure they have a fairly sharp point to go through the fabric. Also the eye should be large enough to put the embroidery floss through easily.

This is the stuff we make friendship bracelets from. Thinner stuff is okay, but won't work well for the embroidery lessons. Thin yarn can work! 

Doesn't matter what size, but ideally at least about 6" wide. Way bigger than that is FINE! 

Typically you'd use a muslin or thin linen, but use whatever you have on hand. Old sheets and non-stretchy clothing you don't wear anymore work excellent. 

Felt works best because it doesn't fray, but you can use any colorful fabric you have. 

Any scissors you've got will work just fine.

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Tuesday April 7th 2020 @4:30pm

Flower Embroidery | ​Pattern Here

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Wednesday April 8th, 2020 @4:30pm

Deer Face Stuffie | Pattern Here

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Thursday April 9th, 2020 @4:30pm

​Intro to Sashiko | Pattern Here

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Friday April 10th 2020 @4:30pm

​Sashiko Stars | Pattern Here

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