Ornament Making Party | Free Holiday Workshop

Come Celebrate the Holiday Season with us! 

This Annual Holiday Event is Free for all our Customers!

Sunday December 22nd, 2019

This festive Holiday open house will go from 12-4pm.  This is a very popular event!
Please sign up for a 1 hour time slot below and come at that time so we can comfortably accommodate as many people as possible.

There is absolutely no sewing experience necessary! We'll teach you! 

Children, accompanied by adults (age5+) are more than welcome!  No drop-offs please.

Please bring all your holiday cheer!

You must sign up below if you plan on attending. We have four time slots to accommodate as many people as possible. Please come only during the time slot you sign up for.

If you're coming with kids, please sign up for everyone. If this is not possible, please send follow-up email saying how many will be in your group!

Sewing Dresses Boot Camp

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Learn all the basics of sewing beautiful dresses that fit you in six weeks!

Students will focus on learning basic sewing skills to create 2-3 gorgeous dresses that actually fit your body. We've designed a 15 hour sewing class that will take your skills to the next level.  This is a sewing course is designed for the sewing student who's had some basic experience.

As with all our sewing classes, all students work at their own pace and focus on learning new skills based on the skills they come to class with.

Projects in this Class:

Please note: The number of projects you complete in the class will depend on how much experience you come to class with, how much work you do at home and in Sew Club & the pace that you work.

Small, Personal Classes | There are only 6 spots per session.

Part 1:

  • Taking your own body measurements.
  • Review of Seam Allowance and why is it important?
  • Review of threading & operating the sewing machine.
  • Learning basic clothing construction.
  • How to read a sewing pattern.

Part 2:

  • Which patterns are right for me?
  • What adjustments do I need to make?
  • How do I take things in and let them out.
  • How can I make this fit better?

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop

We’re super excited to announce we’ll be offering our very first macrame wall hanging workshop!

This popular craft from the seventies has made a come back in a really big way. Our workshop will help you to create a modern piece, using a couple of different knots. You’ll leave the workshop with a gorgeous wall hanging to decorate your home.


Megan Avery, studio owner, long time sewing instructor and recently macrame obsessed, will help you through this process.

The price of the 2 hour workshop is $65 and will include all the supplies you’ll need to complete your wall hanging including cotton rope & driftwood.

Learn to Sew a Dress

Come get creative, develop and/or improve your sewing skills and learn to make a beautiful handmade dress.

Both Beginning stitchers and experienced seamstresses will find this class informative and fun. Everyone will work at their own pace and whatever sewing level they are. You’ll be sure to learn some new sewing skills, as well as make some new sewing friends!

The dress pattern we’ll be working from is a simple fit n’ flare style dress with a fitted bodice (top of dress), zipper in the back and a skirt that flares out at the bottom.

Learn how to:

  • Read a sewing Pattern

  • Sew & Fit the dress bodice to your specific body

  • Insert a Zipper

  • Hem the dress

This class does not include supplies. Please bring your own 3 yards of non-stretch (or very little stretch) fabric or purchase it at the studio. We do not guarantee you’ll finish your dress during the workshop, but most participants usually do. Ages 12 & Up are welcome to take this class.

4 Hour Workshop $70

4th, 5th & 6th Grade After School & Saturday Sewing Class

We would absolutely LOVE to teach your 4th, 5th or 6th Grader how to sew!

For kids this age, we have seasonal sessions of after school classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays.

In our creative & hands on sewing classes your child will learn:

  • Basic sewing machine usage & sewing project construction.

  • Improving fine motor skills including pinning, cutting fabric, sewing on the line.

  • Creativity in designing their own sewing projects.

  • How to follow basic sewing patterns and instructions

  • Projects include things like stuffed animals, toys, purses, fashion accessories, clothing and more.

More Details

  • 10 Week Seasonal Session + 1 Makeup Class = $225

  • Price includes all tools, supplies and fabrics.

  • Every child works at their own pace.  Up to 8 students per session.

  • Sewing classes take place at the M Avery Designs Sewing Studio.

  • Class meets weekly on Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm, Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm or Saturdays 1-2pm.

  • See below for seasonal start dates (Fall 2017, Winter 2018 & Spring 2018) & To Sign Up for one of the sessions offered.

  • Each student is invited to participate in the end of session Runway Show

View all the dates for FALL 2017, WINTER 2018 & SPRING 2018 school year. This includes class dates, makeup class dates & holidays when there is no class.

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If a session has already started and you’d like to join late, this may be possible  if we have space available. Send us an email to find out.

All Kids Sewing Classes

Pinterest Fanatic Sewing Class

[slider id=”pinterest-fanatic-slider”] Are you Pinterest obsessed, but don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to making all the awesome sewing projects? If yes, this class is for YOU! And don’t worry – No sewing experience is ever required.

In our Pinterest Fanatic Sewing Class, you’ll be sure to improve your sewing skills, as well as make some new sewing friends! Each class we’ll teach you how to make a popular sewing project you can commonly see on Pinterest. We suspect this workshop will become habit once you see what an awesome way this is to unwind.  All you have to do is show up. The supplies for the featured project are included in the price!

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$40 | Drop in Class | Buy

$100 | 3 Class Pack (good for 4 months) | Buy

$150 | 6 Class Pack (good for 8 months) | Buy

The class packs can be used interchangeably with the the Pinterest Fanatic Sewing Class, Sip ‘n Stitch ClassGarment District TourIntro to the Machine/Hem Workshop or the Dress Makers Club.


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Upcoming Dates

How to thread your sewing machine

Threading your sewing machine can seem like a very daunting task if you’ve never done it before. If you don’t have your machine threaded properly it will not work correctly and this can be the most frustrating thing in the world.

But we assure you, threading your sewing machine is easier than you think!

More than likely your sewing machine came with an instruction manual that you can refer to with step by step instructions on how to thread it.

If you’ve already checked this and it still seems confusing to you, your in luck because we posted a handy dandy little video of how to thread a sewing machine. We’re positive it will help you! Check it out:

Dress Makers Club Sewing Class

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Come get creative and learn to make DRESSES. Who doesn’t want to get better at sewing dresses?!

You’ll be sure to improve your sewing skills as well as make some new sewing friends! Join us, won’t you? We suspect this  sewing class ritual will become habit once you see what an awesome way this is to improve your sewing skills, as well as grow your wardrobe.

There is no specific dress that we’ll be tackling each month. Feel free to work on any dress or clothing pattern you’d like. Or bring projects that you need to finish. You’ll be inspired to get your sewing pile whittled down in no time!

No idea where to start with sewing dresses? NO WORRIES! Our instructor will help you choose a great beginner project from our vast assortment of clothing/dress patterns at the studio.

Please note: We have no idea how fast you’ll work. You probably wont finish a dress in a two hour sewing class, especially if you’re a beginner. Please don’t come with the expectation you’ll finish a dress in this class.

Fabric can be purchased at the studio or BYO Fabric
-3 yards is great for most dress patterns

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$40 | Drop in Class | Buy

$100 | 3 Class Pack (good for 4 months) | Buy

$150 | 6 Class Pack (good for 8 months) | Buy

The class packs can be used interchangeably with the the Pinterest Fanatic Sewing Class, Sip ‘n Stitch ClassGarment District TourIntro to the Machine/Hem Workshop or the Dress Makers Club.

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