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"Nancy is an excellent instructor. Extremely helpful and patient."

Madian H. - Jersey City NJ

"My daughters, Raquel and Elena Gonzalez, attended the sewing boot camp classes this past summer. I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that as a result of these classes, Elena was able to alter her own school uniform blouse a few weeks ago.  She did a great job at cutting it down and sewing in a hem that looked almost flawless !  The girls really enjoyed the summer sessions and they will probably enroll for classes again when their school schedules permit them some more free time."

Lily Z - Jersey City NJ

"I love how easy yet beautiful the projects are. They can be as basic or as involved as you want them to be. These projects made me fall in love with sewing."

Christelle V. Hoboken, NJ

"I would highly recommend taking classes at M Avery Design. Megan is a wonderful instructor, clear, fun and patient. The boot-camp class teaches you the skills which will allow you to begin sewing at home. Megan combines instruction with also empowering you, as the student, to figure things out independently. Aside from the class, the studio is super clean and is located in a great neighborhood. There are so many other classes happening simultaneously in the building."

Hadassah - Englewood NJ

"I'm so glad I signed up for Beginner Sewing Boot Camp! I sort of taught myself as a youngster, w/grandma to help, but didn't sew for years. Happy to be diving in and finally doing it again. We made so many useful items in the Beginner Sewing Boot Camp and I'm looking forward to more classes this summer! "

Eileen - Jersey City NJ 

"I wanted a creative outlet and I'm so glad my friend told me about this place! I signed up for the beginners boot camp and I can't wait till next week to learn more! Our teacher is great, explains everything step by step and takes her time to help you individually if you need it! 5 stars!!"

Thanee - Hoboken NJ

Charity Sewing Workshop – Free Sewing Class to Make Kids Surgical Gowns

Anyone who loves helping kids in need & loves to sew are invited to attend!

Even if you’ve never sewn before, you are more than welcome to  join us! We can teach you sewing and/or find other important jobs to help with.

Wednesday September 26th, 2018 from 7-9pm

This is a free night of sewing to support a New Jersey non-profit organization called Healing the Children NJ

Their program called Medical Teams Abroad sends volunteer medical teams to other countries to perform surgeries on children who otherwise would not receive the care they needed.   In addition to medical supplies and equipment  the medical teams bring hospital gowns for the children to wear.  All of the gowns are sewn by volunteers and this is what we’ll be sewing in the free workshop.  Medical teams abroad does approximately 4-6 trips per year.

For more information about this organization, check out their website here.

All the supplies and instruction will be provided free of charge by M Avery Designs Sewing Studio. We’ll have some light refreshments.

Please join us! It’s sure to be a fun night of sewing and supporting this very worthwhile cause!

There will also be fundraising for HTC and M Avery Designs will have some cool giveaways.

Please sign up by clicking the link below so we can keep an accurate count of who will be coming! Please sign up all who will be attending.

Please do not “no show”. There are only 20 spots due to the size of our studio. If you sign up, you’re expected to attend. It’s only right.

Kids are welcome if accompanied by a sewing adult.

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Weekly Garment Workshop Series

NEW For Summer 2018 we’re teaching a bunch of brand new workshops to learn garment sewing.  All of the projects we are offering are great for beginners, as well as fun and challenging for experienced seamsters. 

Check the schedule below for project details.

Each project workshop is 2 hours long. You might finish, you might not.*
We do guarantee you’ll learn a ton and get pretty far into the process, no matter what your skill level is walking into the class.

We want to make sewing clothing accessible to everyone so we’ve made the classes quick and the projects easy, yet super wearable.

2 Hour Workshop $50

2 Spots $85**

All Fabric is Included – Just Show up! 

*Don’t finish? Don’t Stress! All participants can come to a free Sew Club within one month of class to finish, if needed.

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**The two spots can be used by you and a friend or both spots by you. Please follow up with an email to let us know if it’s for one or two people. If only one, confirm which two classes. If two people, we’ll need name & email address of second person.  

Learn to Sew Your Own Jeans

Have you ever dreamed of making the a custom fit pair of jeans? Well now we have a sewing class for that!

Students will focus on learning more advanced design & sewing skills used in making a pair of jeans that is custom made to fit your body!  We’ve designed a brand new 3 week intermediate level sewing class that will take you through the steps of measuring, cutting and then sewing your very own jeans.

We ask that you have at least a little sewing experience to take this class. Maybe you’ve take some sewing classes somewhere else, or taken our Beginner Sewing Boot Camp?

Keep scrolling for the upcoming schedule! 

Week 1: Cutting the Jeans – This is the week that really counts. We’ll be taking all our body measurements and cutting all the fabric pieces in the size required to make your custom fit jeans. There are a lot of pieces and they need to be cut out pretty precisely. If there’s time after we cut,  we’ll be starting to do a little bit of sewing this week, as well.

Week 2: Sewing the Jeans – This is the week the bulk of the sewing will be done. We’ll start putting the jeans together by cutting & sewing the pockets. Followed by the fly & zipper. Finally we’ll be sewing the front & back of the jeans together

Week  3: Finishing the Jeans – This is the class we’ll be finishing up anything that’s not done. Yolk, waistband, hemming and button. Can you believe you’ll be leaving this class with your very own jeans?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Supplies: All supplies included to construct one pair of dark blue, stretch jeans are included in the price of this class!

We’ve done a lot of research into the best denims and will provide our favorite denim to all students in this class. There is no need to buy any thing or bring any supplies to this class. The class will go over which supplies are used & why and where you can purchase all of the supplies needed to make additional pairs of jeans at home or in Sew Club.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Small, Personal Classes | There are only 6 spots per session.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
3 Week Class – Make your Own Jeans:  $179
Includes all fabric & supplies
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Skirt Pattern Drafting – Design Multiple Skirt Styles

Join us for our brand new one day intensive course on learning the art of flat pattern drafting. In this course you will learn how to create 3 different customized skirt patterns based on your measurements.

This course will include a thorough understanding of skirt flat pattern construction, dart construction, as well as simple adjustments that can be made to your patterns to add design elements to your sewing projects.

You’ll leave the class with basic fitted, a-line, & pencil skirt pattern that you can use over and over again to design & create your very own clothing.  We will provide hand outs that outline the step-by-step process creating patterns for a perfectly fitting skirt.

Supplies Needed:  None

1 Day – 4 Hour Course $139

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Please note: There is no sewing in this course. The is an instructional class where we’ll be creating customized paper patterns during each class time. Each student will be encouraged to participate in our monthly Sew Clubs to create muslins of each of the patterns that you create in class and really customize your fit properly.

Pattern Drafting

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Learn the fine art of flat pattern drafting in one of our upcoming 4 hour workshops.

Join us for Skirt Drafting where you'll learn how to draft the perfect customized skirt based on your exact body measurements.

Or join us for Bodice Drafting where you'll learn how to draft the perfect customized top or jacket based on your exact body measurements.

This course will include a thorough understanding of skirt or bodice flat pattern construction, dart creation & construction, as well as simple adjustments that can be made to your patterns to add design elements to your sewing projects.

You'll leave the class with basic fitted skirt or bodice pattern that you can use over and over again to design & create your very own tailored skirts, shirts, dresses and/or jackets.  We will provide instructions that outline the step-by-step process creating patterns for a perfectly fitting customized skirt of bodice.

4 Hour Workshop:  $155

Sign up for Both Pattern Drafting Classes for $255 - Go to schedule & registration tab, sign up for one class and you'll be prompted to add the second class for the reduced price. If for some reason the other date doesn't work for you, you can still purchase and we can have you join a different session. Just send us an email.

All Supplies Included

Please note: There is minimal sewing in this course. This is an instructional class where we'll be creating customized paper patterns during each class time. Each student is encouraged to participate in Sew Club to create muslins of each of the patterns that you create in class and really customize your fit properly.

Kids Runway Show – Spring 2018

Sign Up Now

Our sewing students work very hard on all of their their sewing & design projects. We always like to show off all their hard work at the Runway Show!  (Not just clothing projects go down the runway, BTW!)

The Spring Kids/Tween Runway Show is open to any & all students who are taking or have taken sewing class either in our studio at the Monroe Center or in one of kids mobile sewing classes in local schools between January – April 2018.

Click here to check out photos from our last fabulous runway show.

We sincerely hope you, your student and your family will be interested participating in this super adorable event! Please reserve a spot for your student in the show by signing up at the link above! Participation is free for all participants in any after school, Saturday or homeschool kids sewing class.

Kids are dropped off at 2pm. Runway Show starts at 3pm.

There are only spots for 30 participants and we’ll need all sign ups by April 30th, 2018, so don’t delay.  Once we hear from you, you’ll get our updates with more details.  We hope that you and your family can attend this fun event!

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Sewing Dresses Boot Camp

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Once you sign up for the Online Live Video Instruction, you'll receive an email from us regarding your login insturctions. You'll also receive access to a password protected personalized web page  for the class. This page will include patterns, links to recorded videos of you class and helpful On Demand Videos for an optimal sewing experience at home. 

Sewing Separates Boot Camp

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Learn more advanced sewing skills to make clothing in our 6 week class!

Students will focus on learning basic sewing skills to construct 2-3 articles of clothing that actually actually fit your body. We've designed a six week (15 hour) sewing class that will take your skills to the next level and have you sewing a top, pants and unlined jacket.

As with all our sewing classes, all students work at their own pace and focus on learning new skills based on the skills they come to class with.

Some of the things you'll learn in this class:

  • Taking your own body measurements.
  • Review of seam allowance and why is it important?
  • Review of threading & operating the sewing machine.
  • Learning basic clothing construction.
  • How to read a sewing pattern.
  • Which patterns are right for me?
  • What adjustments do I need to make?
  • How do I take things in and let them out.
  • How can I make this fit better?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Projects in this Class:

How many garments you complete in the class will depend on:

  • How much experience you come to class with.
  • How much work you do at home and in Sew Club.
  • The pace you work.

Price: $329

Sewing Knits Boot Camp

  • About
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Learn all the basics of sewing with jersey, stretch & knit fabrics in SIX (super fun) weeks!

Students will focus on learning basic sewing skills using stretch knits. Everybody loves to wear knits because of the comfort they bring. Did you know that sewing knits really isn't as hard as everyone seems to think. We've designed a 15 hour sewing class

This is a sewing course is designed for the sewing student who's had some basic experience. The course is 15 hours in total divided up between 6 weekly classes.

Each class is project oriented and each student will leave classes with their finished wearable projects.

Projects in this Class include T-Shirt, Legging/workout pants, knit skirt & wrap dress.

Please note: The number of projects you complete in the class will depend on how much experience you come to class with, how much work you do at home and in Sew Club & the pace that you work.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part 1:

  • Introduction to sewing with knit fabrics.
  • Which needle? Which Stitch? Seam Allowances for knits?
  • Review of threading & operating the sewing machine.
  • Learn basic clothing construction.
  • Project: Leggings/Workout Pants

Part 2:

  • Review of sewing with jersey & knits.
  • Introduction to reading sewing patterns
  • Project: Knit Skirt

Part 3:

  • Fabric School: Learning different types of knits, Which fabrics work best for which projects? Determining which knit is which?
  • Introduction to reverse applique with knits.
  • Project: Knit Top

Part 4:

  • Introduction to sewing with knit fabrics.
  • Which needle? Which Stitch? Seam Allowances for knits?
  • Review of threading & operating the sewing machine.
  • Project: Wrap Dress

Cost of 15 Hour Workshop: $329