Kids After School & Saturday Sewing

In our After School & Saturday Sewing Classes we focus on teaching:

  • Basic sewing machine usage
  • Sewing Project construction
  • Improving fine motor skills including pinning, cutting fabric, sewing on the line
  • Creativity in designing their own sewing projects
  • How to follow basic sewing patterns and instructions
  • Projects include things like stuffed animals, toys, purses, fashion accessories, clothing and more.
  • Price includes all tools, supplies and fabrics.
  • Every child works at their own pace. Beginners ALWAYS welcome! More advanced skill will be taught to more advanced students.

Up to 8 students per session.  Classes meet weekly for 1 hour.
10 Week Session + 1 Makeup Class = $225

For more detailed schedule information, check out the registration information below.  We have 3 different sessions each school year Fall, Winter  & Spring.

View all the dates for FALL 2017, WINTER 2018 & SPRING 2018 school year. This includes class dates, makeup class dates & holidays when there is no class.

If a session has already started and you’d like to join late, this may be possible if we have space available. Send us an email to find out.

“I can’t tell you how exciting an opportunity I think this is for the kids. Thank you for starting this business. I never learned how to sew. No one taught me. Anna is LOVING sewing and a number of times over the summer got the bug to create, asked me to take her to buy supplies, and started making something with her machine (a christmas gift last christmas). What a great skill to have and some of the stuff she is making is so creative! She sewed little heart pillows for her whole class last valentines day. I mean, how cute is that?”

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