Home Decor Sewing Boot Camp


Learn all the basics of sewing beautiful things for your home in 6 (super fun) weeks!

Students will focus on learning basic sewing skills used to make items for your home. We’ve designed a 15 hour sewing class including challenging projects that will fill your home with gorgeous items you custom make yourself.

This is a 15 hour sewing course divided up between 6 weekly classes. It is designed for the sewing student who’s had some basic sewing experience. Maybe you’ve take some sewing classes somewhere else, or taken our Beginner Sewing Boot Camp?

Each of the six classes is project oriented and as a student you will take home 4-6 completed sewing projects. (This is of course dependent on how quickly you work.)

Projects in this Class:

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Please note: The number of projects you complete in the class will depend on how much experience you come to class with, how much work you do at home and in Sew Club & the pace that you work.
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Part 1 Project:  Custom Pillow Covers with zippers

  • Breathe new life into any existing pillows you already own by creating custom covers that can be removed.

  • Learn to measure fabric accurately & create a perfect fit for your pillow cover.

  • Learn tips for cutting straight and with accuracy.

  • Learn how to insert regular zippers and/or invisible zippers so you cannot see them on your pillow cover.

    Part 2 Project: Bolster pillow with piping and zipper

  •  Understanding & learning how to cut fabric on the bias.

  •  Learn to create your own matching piping.

  • Mastering the technique of adding piping to any of your sewing projects.

Part 3 Project: Bedroom Pillow Case with French Seams

  • Review of cutting & measuring accurately.

  • The magic of french seams.

Part 4 Project: Quilted Table Runner/Placemat/Potholder

    • Introduction to patchwork.

    • Working with quilt batting.

    • Using a regular sewing machine to do small scale quilting work.

      Part 5 Project: Pouf Floor Cushion

    • Patchwork (non-square)

    • Optional Covered Buttons

      Part 6 Project: Custom Curtain(s)

        • Learning how to accurately measure windows.

        • Learning appropriate curtain sizing for windows.

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        Cost of 15 Hour Workshop: $329

      • Please note: No sewing classes on the following days due to holidays: Sat. 10/7, Wed. 11/22, Thurs. 11/23 – Sun. 11/26, Sun. 12/24 – Mon. 1/1
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The price includes free Sew Club classes during AND one month past your beginner sewing boot camp classes.  Sew Club is a great time to “makeup” anything you might have missed in a class, catch up on anything you fall behind on, or just sew whatever you’d like.  There are no makeup classes if you miss a session. Cost of Sew Club is normally $20/class.

Small, Personal Classes | There are only 6 spots per session.

      • Please note: Fabric is NOT included. Woven Fabrics are available for purchase at the M Avery Designs Studio for $12 per yard. Stretch Knit Fabrics are available for purchase at the M Avery Designs Studio for $16 per yard. We have a variety of types, colors & prints, but keep in mind we are not a fabric store. Students also have the option of purchasing fabrics elsewhere before the class. Details & amounts are below.


      • Zippered Pillow Covers – Approximately 1/2 Yard Quilters Cotton, Linen, Home Decor weight or something similar for each pillow up to 17″ Square. Zipper – Length should equal the width of your pillow. Optional: Pillow Form (size of your choice)
      • Bolster Pillow – Suggested Size 16″ x 6″
      • 3/4 Yard Quilters Cotton, Linen, Home Decor weight or something similar for bolster pillow project.
      • 1 Yard of cotton piping (1/2″ or 1/4″ thick will work) for bolster pillow project.
      • 16″ Zipper for bolster pillow project
      • 1 Yard + two 1/4 yard pieces of quilter cotton fabric for Pillow Case Project
      • Fat quarter yard set of at least 4 different fabrics for table runner/potholder/placemat. More if making large table runner or multiple placemats.
      • 1 Yard of quilt batting. More if making large table runner or multiple placemats.
      • Pouf Floor Cushion – Amounts coming soon.
      • Curtains – Will talk about in class. Dependent on window.

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